Protein shakes: how and why add shake to nutrition

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shakes nutrition-weight loss shakes-protein shakes

After intense physical exercises, weight training for example, because protein shakes allows a better muscle recovery and better muscle creation. (basically, after exercise, the body fetches protein reserves to meet the needs that come to occur, it can tap directly into the first thing we give it to him after training simplifies comically the task.) For that efficiency is maximized, you take your protein shakes in the hour following the physical effort (you have up to two hours if it was a very violent and very muscular effort) To synthesize the why : it appears that during heavy efforts, the body blocks the utilization of protein, and reduced to minimum. So, right after the session, he wakes up and trying to assimilate as much as possible: this is the “protein window”. Your body looks for proteins and assimilates everything goes very fast. It must therefore rapid diffusion of protein, and this is exactly what whey.

In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, in which he would miss proteins. For the body to function optimally, you have at least 2 servings of protein a day. (animal or vegetable) If you do not reach an addition of protein in this form may be a solution to overcome the shortcomings.

Warning: take protein shakes after cardio is useless: cardio to 99% to consume calories, muscular effort required is minimal, resume, just behind 100kcal while your body is not muscle building situation can slow your efforts. To reserve for muscle-building sessions and other sports of the same type.

Advantages of using protein shakes :

-These natural products (Whey is for example composed of milk protein.). So it is far from the chemical that comes to mind first. In particular extracted when creating cheese. In short, it’s as if you ate a LOT of yogurt at once, without the fat.
-They are already part of our staple diet, it is no so as to increase their protein intake without massively increasing caloric intake. (1 Whey Isolate taken revolves around 90calories.) This is perfect for those who do workout, but also for those who do not eat proteins enough , animal or vegetable, every day (average for lack of time , matter of taste, etc.
-They often have very nice taste like chocolate or strawberry (full review of tastes I tested here), and if mixed with milk, it seems to drink a real milkshake. Except that instead of being full of sugar, it is good for the muscles.

Cons of using protein shakes:

-They may eventually strain the kidneys, because they do a little more work. (so attention to fragile people!)
-In some cases beginnings are difficult, because the digestive system is not necessarily prepared to have to deal as much protein. (so upset stomach, slow digestion, etc.)
-They are useless if your diet contains enough protein to your needs. The body does not store protein (while it stores fat and carbohydrates.) It means that if you bring him enough protein on a day it goes directly out inputs too (by the kidneys.) From So, take several shakes not used much.

shakes nutrition-weight loss shakes-protein shakes

When Taking a protein Shakes? Three best Moments

In the actual morning, one hour before breakfast:

Any time doesn’t very affair, it ought to be grasped that the macromolecule shake will be thought of because the initial meal of the morning. Recent German studies have established that a meal 100% macromolecule when prolonged fast (In the event or sleep, for case in point) promotes the secretion of somatotropic hormone, insulin, additionally to inhibits the assembly of corticosteroid.

Before training:

The pre-workout shake isn’t essential . From the consequence you’ve got a nutrition and a healthy fashion, your degree of energy is quite good to attack a decent sweat. It’s good for this reason that I even have taken a protracted time before I created the choice to require it. Since I eat a high macromolecule shake (whey mainly) from the half-hour before my program, I see a giant distinction in energy, energy and endurance.

Right after training:

This is the key moment at that it’s necessary to recharge the body exploitation nutrients, proteins and sugars especially. Several sportsmen ignore it and go the notable “30 minutes window.” 30 minutes when our muscles are a vitamins consumers . Energy reserves are in their lowest, muscles injured by micro-lesions, we’ve to quickly bring the system that takes him meats (at least 25g) and quick carbohydrates (double the protein).

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