Meal Replacement Bars For Weight Loss

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Meal Replacement Bars for Weight Loss

In this day and age when everything is completed with just a couple of clicks, who has enough patience and time to set up his diet or follow a weight loss regime? only some people have. That explains why more and more people are turning to those very little packages, called diet meal replacement bars that promise an energy boost and a fast way to lose weight. These bars are generally used to replace regular meals.

What Are Meal Replacement Bars?

Meal Replacement Bars are portion controlled, precisely nuanced and nutritionally balanced meals that are available in a pretty package.. usually 150 calories on the low end and run up to just about 425 on the high end for the heavy kind of protein rich bars that are the approach of choice for several weight lifter and bodybuilder
types. If you’re using this approach for weight loss purposes, you must expect the diet bars to supply a good nutritional value, LOW in calories ( the lower end of the above scale) and HIGH in taste quotient and digestibility. several of those meal replacement bars taste so good…that normal folks who do not need to lose weight can often eat them additionally to their regular meals.

Meal replacement bars for weight loss provide the fast fix needed by people on the go. rather than taking time to make your own vegetable or seafood dish, you just handily open a bar and start eating! Meal replacement bars are also cheap and portable, as they can fit into the pocket. they are available in a variety of flavors, so you will not get tired of eating a similar thing over and over again. but do you need these product to end your long-time battle with the bulge? are diet meal replacement bars healthy?

They are a good source of protein, which is important for increasing and repairing muscles. they provide almost a similar quantity of vitamins and minerals as fruits and vegetables do.Diet meal replacement bars contain small amounts of cholesterol and sodium, that are the two culprits of body fat storage and weight gain. additionally, these meal replacement products contain a concentrated quantity of carbohydrates that reinforces energy, making them ideal to people that are into sports and fitness.

However, don’t expect them to provide all the nutrients found in a balanced meal. They lack bioflavanoids, fiber, and phytochemicals that help guarantee a good health. although meal bars don’t have as much fat as other snacks, some of them might contain 50 % of saturated fat (the kind of fat that may cause obesity).

Are diet Meal Replacement Bars Healthy?

Replacing real food with them may be a fast solution to weight issues, however it can not be a long-term weight loss technique. Worse, it can cause some issues over time. Meal replacement bars don’t provide low-carbohydrate nourishment, which is important in losing weight effectively. These meal replacement products can also contain sugars such as fructose, dextrose, maltodextrine, or syrup. using diet meal replacement bars is like eating candies in place of normal meals. As a result, the body experiences what is known as sugar rush and burns up the sugar. this could result in a lot of fat deposits over time, so defeating your purpose of losing weight even if you follow an exercise program.


To sum it up, eating diet meal replacement bars rather than a daily meal may not result in a permanent weight loss. These meal bars, though high in protein and low in cholesterol, are a good source of calories, fat, and sugar. they’re ideal only as the last resort, when your other selection is only a snack that’s high in sugar and calories. A diet composed of real foods continues to be the most effective way to lose weight and stay healthy.

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